Dale Bachman

Assistant Professor

Department of Mathematics
and Computer Science

WCM 213
AIM: aerich17
Schedule and current courses Fall 2004
Math 1151 Calculus I M-F 1100 WCM131
Math 1111 College Algebra MWF 1300 WCM116
Math 4711 Modern Algebra I MW 1630 WCM229
Office hours M-F 0900-1100
Me time MWF 1400-1630

Previous courses

Math 2410 Discrete Mathematics
Math 3710 Linear Algebra
Math 3720 Algebraic Structures
Math 4910 Cryptology

Other Stuff

Math 4741 Number Theory - I'm auditing this course.

New on this page

Some pics from the KME end-of-year party, in a powerpoint presentation.


I'm an algebraist -- more specifically, I like to think about
  • systems of multivariate polynomial equations over finite fields, and
  • recursion finding.
I arrived at CMSU in August 2003, and this is my first academic position. Previously, I worked at the National Security Agency (1989-1999) as a cryptologic mathematician and at Sprint (1999-2003) as an information systems security consultant -- which is why you'll see"cryptology" and "computer security" on my list of interest areas on the departmental page.

Other interests include volleyball, pingpong, bowling, science fiction and fantasy (yes, the screenname is a Brust reference, and yes, I was shocked at what happened at the end of Viscount), Dungeons&Dragons™, and watercolor painting. Note that I said "interest" rather than "expertise".

My office hours are listed to the left, but I'm usually in when I don't have class. Or maybe it should be, "I usually don't have class when I'm in." Or something.

By the way, chibi me was drawn by my daughter, Michelle.

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